Nasal bone fractures (nose fracture –broken nose) are the most common facial fractures in traffic accidents, trashing, falls, etc. due to the fact that nose protrudes from the other facial features.
Depending on the direction and intensity of the force exerted, the bone is displaced and the nose deformed. It can be just a crack (with or without displacement) or an overwhelming fracture.
A blow to the nose causes pain, swelling, nosebleeds, and if the nasal bones break we are going to have to deal with hematoma under the eyes and nose deformity.
Complications that may occur after a nose injury is  hematoma in the nasal septum that, if not treated properly, can get infected and become abscess. On the one hand, abscess is dangerous  because it can extend to adjacent tissues and on the other hand ,it causes cartilage necrosis and nasal sink.
The treatment of nasal fractures is surgical with local or general anesthesia depending on the extent of the injury. The procedure must be done immediately or within the first week. If it is not being performed within the first 10 days, nasal septal deviation may persist as well as crooked, wide, or hump-shaped nose with difficulty in breathing and poor aesthetic appearance. In this case, a functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty is needed.