Rhinoplasty experiences – Testimonials. What did our patients say

Rhinoplasty experiences – Testimonials. What did our patients say

Having in our history more than 2000 successful interventions, every day we receive wonderful comments from our patients with opinions and experiences about the procedure, which makes us feel that our love and dedication to rhinoplasty surgery bind harmoniously with the wonderful results we provide.

The best doctor for rhinoplasty
You can find everywhere opinions about rhinoplasty but yours stands out

You can find opinions and experiences about rhinoplasty in our customer reviews.

“I haven’t done rhinoplasty to Dimitris Louloudis but he is my doctor and he is the best !!! Trust with closed eyes! ”
Natasa Bofiliou, singer

“A leading doctor, in whom the scientific, deep knowledge of the subject coexists harmoniously with a highly cultivated aesthetic view of the result, which he applies individually, always with  a natural result and respect for each person’s expectations. His colleagues were also excellent, very supportive, and always by our side during all stages of the process. Thank you very much, Mr. Louloudis, for changing our lives! ”


“Amazing doctor and man. Always available and impeccable in what he does.”

Konstantina Makri

“For more than 20 years I have been suffering from respiratory distress due to a teenage accident and severe allergic rhinitis. At the same time, the idea of a nose surgery with post-operative images and descriptions of people I knew, who tried it, was always a nightmare. Another year with decongestants I was always saying to myself, and then we will see. I always felt embarrassed and frightened every time I had to buy a nasal spray. The pharmacist while giving me the formulation always reminded me: “No more than five to seven days.” And yet, I used it in daily bases, sometimes twice a day for 20 consecutive years! Their action had lately been faded. I was sure that what I was now considering sense of smell had nothing to do with reality. My sleep, full of tricks for a better breath, every physical activity with faster pulse, every moment of relaxation with the mouth always slightly open … I had forgotten what life is like without an effort to breathe! I didn’t meet Mr. Louloudis by accident. I have been looking for some time. I visited many well-known doctors in various cities of Greece and then, regardless of the impression of my first visit, I was starting a research: How much experience does he have? How will he treat me after the surgery? How many of his patients were not happy with the result? How does he react if you ask him many questions… Endless questions, worries, stress and various forums, sharing many informations . Complaints about the outcome of one, the behavior of another, the cost, postoperative indifference and so on. if you were searching persistently  like me, you would have found complains for everyone. For everyone except one: Mr. Dimitris Louloudis.

The feeling you got from those who spoke or wrote about him, was completely different from the others. And they were right. He is truly a charismatic physician, innovative and perfectionist, providing his lucky patients with transatlantic cosmetic and functional surgery services. For his character, the quality in approaching my problem, and generally his attitude, every time I needed him … whatever I’m gonna say will not be enough! Indeed, it is rare and particularly beautiful for a great scientist to be at the same time  an incredible  person. It makes you feel grateful! Every time you breathe so clearly you feel it. The thrill of a breath! I’m sure some people will understand exactly what I mean. It’s an indescribable feeling. … Mr Dimitris, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Wish you the best! With appreciation and gratitude Kavouras Takis Mathematician July 2017 ”

Takis Kavouras

“Maybe if you look, you can find another excellent surgeon. Maybe if you look, you can find another wonderful man. But no matter how much you’ re going to look, it’s hard to find a face that combines both. This is Dimitris Louloudis.”

George Palaiologos

“Mr. Louloudis is a charismatic doctor and lecturer. He has an excellent ability to quote simply and clearly even the most complicated information, related to his specialty. He knows how to emphasize on the important facts while at the same time eliminates every fear you may have . Thank you Dimitris. ”

Dimitra Dimitropoulou

“An excellent scientist willing to serve any patient. His knowledge and approach to any matter are exceptional. Always aware of what is needed and what will make the patient feel comfortable and secure. Dimitris, thank you for everything, I feel very lucky that I met you. ”

George Pappas

“This summer I managed to set a new personal depth record. That is something important to me. I’m 43 years old and spearfishing is a lifestyle for me. I want to thank Dimitris because his help is the reason why I can still do what  I love. ”

George Tsonas

“ I met him too and you are absolutely right about all the things you say about the doctor. I’m not one of the people who did rhinoplasty, I’m one of the people who trusted him their kid, in particular my daughter. Of course like a mum, I haven’t seen the problem in her nose. For me it did not exist. But after the surgery I saw it! My daughter’s personality changed for the better! One more thing to clarify. I am one of the women who say no to plastic surgery  in general, but for rhinoplasty, I said YES! As for the doctor? He is THE BEST!!!! ”

Polly Yuri

“An excellent man, an excellent scientist. Psychology plays a pivotal role so there is nothing more encouraging than a smile from a cheerful person – especially when it comes to doctors. My father and brother were very happy with the result … and with the good relationship / cooperation they still have with Dr. Louloudis. ”

Fotini Psi.

“We have been going with my husband to Dr. Louloudis for years, our impressions are excellent !! He is charismatic, extremely friendly, and communicative, and deals with your problem in depth, always providing the best solution. My husband has operated his nasal septum years ago, since then he has been sleeping quietly, breathing very well – thank him very much and we highly recommend him !! ”

Maria Kurdi

“At the very first moment, you understand that you are dealing with a doctor who is a real master on what he’s doing. He speaks in a very simple, consise and understandable way. His calmness, kindness, and meekness on the other hand, show his deep love for human beings.  I highly recommend him!!! ”

Kostas Zervakis

“Just one visit is enough to understand the seriousness and professionalism of that man. And I say man and not just a doctor, because that’s the main difference that impressed me and won me over from other “professionals” in the industry. Humanity comes first  … he is  always looking for the individual needs of each patient and then he proposes. Personally, in addition to regular checkups due to my underwater activities, he has done a tremendous job in a very serious chronic problem that I had with my paranasal sinuses and diaphragm… Thank you very much Dimitris !! ”

Victor Zafiropoulos

“A year later, I can say only the best about the doctor. From the very  first moment, he inspired me with confidence about the final  result and moreover, he assured me that I wouldn’t be in pain after the surgery. And so it happened, I didn’t feel any pain. The result exceeded my expectations. But the most important, no one ever realized that I’ve been through a rhinoplasty procedure, the result is natural, it’s like I was born with this nose. So for those who think about doing rhinoplasty, I highly recommend Dr. Louloudis!!!”


 “A single  appointment is enough for someone to understand the seriousness and quality of this man’s work …”


“Thanks to Dimitris my life changed for better !!! For many years I’ve calling for help to many doctors who couldn’t provide me a solution. Well…first of all  Dimitris is a human being who cares about you and your needs and at the same time he is a very good doctor! ”


“When I was searching for a rhinoplasty doctor, I met all the specialized ENT and general plastic surgeons… For me, the way doctor treats the patient was of great importance, and Dr. Louloudis was the only person who treated me as human. He answered all  my questions without the pressure of time. The operation lasted about 3 hours and everything went fine as he had foretold. Now I have a wonderful nose that fits harmoniously with my face. My psychology and confidence have changed, I feel better than ever . It is known that 90% of people have crooked septum. I was in the majority but he fixed it. Finally, post-operatively,  he is the only one who examines you almost every month to make sure the rehabilitation goes well . And he is always very kind. if I had never met this doctor, I would never have proceeded to the surgery  … he inspires you with confidence. Above all he is human, and that counts the most. His medical abilities are visible on the faces of those who have been operated by Dr. Louloudis. ”


“The shape of my nose was something that always bothered me. Having an ugly nose that ruined  the rest of my face, made me feel uncomfortable with myself, and this feeling was radiated also to my environment. What really impressed me is that I didn’t feel any pain in the post-surgery days !! Which was very important to me !! So despite whatever anxiety I might have, the result justified me !! Now I feel very comfortable with myself and have gained more confidence, which can be easily seen! ”


“I had the chance to meet a very good doctor, Dimitris Louloudis. Along the way I met an incredible and rare man. ”


“When I decided to do rhinoplasty and started doing some research on the topic and getting informed, I came to the conclusion that I was facing 3 kinds of fear: How much it will hurt, if I’ll wake up from the anesthesia, if the final result will suit properly with the rest of my facial characteristics.  Dr. Louloudis inspired me with such confidence and security that I decided to trust him. Now that the surgery belongs to the past, beyond what I could write for the experience and outcome, I will dwell on three matters, my fears! The operation was Impressively painless. Even though my doctor had assured me of this, I didn’t believe him. I thought he was exaggerating to dispel my fear. He was absolutely right! Apart from a slight tingle  in the nose on the day of surgery, I didn’t feel the slightest pain! And I’m so happy about it! Of course, I fell asleep and woke up very easily and thanks to the very sweet and friendly anesthetist who made me feel relaxed from the very first moment. People have been admiring my fresh and glowing face since the third week after surgery. They were searching for the reason  in my hair, skin and no one could detect that I’ve done rhinoplasty! Even when I told them about it  they look surprised and found it hard to believe that I had been operated so recently! My doctor filled me with joy, satisfaction and confidence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ”


“From my point of view the doctor is the best !!!”


“Excellent surgeon, great man … perfect result.”


“A visit is enough to convince you ”


“Thank you so much for everything!!! You changed my life. ”


“Super… The best…. Words are unnecessary. 10 out of 10 !!! ”


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