Rhinoplasty Photos (Before and After Surgery)

Please feel free to browse through the gallery of rhinoplasty photos (before and after surgery), which show the results of my work. On the left side of the picture marked with the English letter B which means before you will see the preoperative photo of the patient and on the right side with the letter A which means after  the postoperative result, which is usually photographed three months after the operation.

You can also notice that the change that has been occurred on the face is minimal and is due to a more elegant  nose that does not attract attention because it doesn’t  have any surgical stigmas on it. Finally take a closer look at the photos showing the lower part of the nose, to notice the almost complete  absence of a visible scar already from the third postoperative month.

Ρινοπλαστική Πριν και μετά - Φωτογραφίες Ρινοπλαστικής
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